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Halloween is an exciting holiday for children and adults alike. Fun costumes, scary movies, deliciously spooky snacks… what’s not to love?  This Halloween, Ophthalmology Associates encourages our community to practice safe and healthy habits to protect your vision while trick-or-treating. Below, check out some of these eye safety and other tips for Halloween as recommended by the American Optometric Association!

  1. Be careful with masks

Masks, eye patches, and hats should be worn with great care, since they can block vision. You should also make sure there aren’t any sharp points on these accessories.

  1. Avoid sharp or pointed props

Swords, wands, and other pointed props can cause serious damage to you or your child’s eyes. Your child doesn’t need a wand to look like Harry Potter!

  1. Watch out for decorative contact lenses

You might be able to buy decorative contact lenses online, but that doesn’t mean they’re safe! Decorative contact lenses, like regular contact lenses, need to be fitted by a professional to reduce the risk of an infection. Wearing colored contact lenses without a prescription can result in serious injury.

  1. Take care with makeup

When purchasing makeup for Halloween, make sure that it’s hypoallergenic to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction. In addition, keep makeup away from the eyes, and bring wet wipes to clean you or your child’s face if it begins to run or melt into the eyes.

  1. Bring a flashlight

If you’re trick-or-treating at night, don’t forget your flashlight! Dark pathways and uneven sidewalks don’t mix. Flashlights will also make children more visible to drivers.

  1. Don’t wear loose-fitting costumes

Costumes that drag on the ground may cause you (or the people surrounding you!) to trip. Make sure that scarves, ties, cloaks, and other draping materials are secured and far from the ground.

  1. Nix the scooter

Scooters, skateboards, bikes, or rollerblades should never be used while in costume. Loose clothing can catch in the gears, and masks can make it difficult to see where you’re going.

For a full list of eye safety and other tips for Halloween, check out the American Optometric Association’s webpage!

We hope you have a safe and spooky Halloween!

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