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Meet Our LASIK Patients – Success Stories

Just a little update here! I’m training for the Ft. Worth Marathon in November and I did not want to skip my 19-mile run on Saturday. So I suited up with the eye shields and a sweatband and headed out! I got some strange looks, but I had neither sweat nor bugs in my eyes :). I got a bug in my eye the morning of the surgery so I was taking NO chances!!
I can see better than I ever have before. I’m so pleased with the results!!!
– Erika S.
Before LASIK I was farsighted and needed glasses for EVERYTHING! After LASIK, I don’t wear glasses for ANYTHING! Dr. Warren and Cathy are wonderful and made the whole process so easy for me.
Thank you Dr. Warren!
– Melba W.
I love my LASIK. I have a very active lifestyle and not having to worry about glasses or contacts has changed my life. Dr. Warren and his staff are extremely professional and the customer service is top-notch.
– Kim G.
I had PRK done because I practice Mixed Martial Arts. It’s fantastic not having to wear contacts anymore and dealing with that stress. PRK recovery was easy for me and I’m 100% excited I had it done!
– Abe I.
AMAZING! We should have done this years ago!
– Sisters, Channy P. & Tina H.
I am extremely pleased with the results of my LASIK surgery. Dr. Warren and his staff took excellent care of me from the initial evaluation all the way through post-op.
This change is huge for me because I started wearing glasses at age 15. By the time I was age 20, I was in contacts full time. I’ve been dependent on some sort of vision correction for close to 25 years. To finally be free of that is AMAZING. Since I’m no longer worn down with eye strain – my attitude has improved as well.
I chose Dr. Warren because he made certain all my concerns and questions were addressed plus, I knew that he would know my name a year after the surgery.There was absolutely no pressure put on me during the decision process – everyone only wanted what was best for my eye care needs, whether I chose to have the surgery or not. Dr. Warren is Absolutely Awesome and I love my new eyes. Thank you Dr. Warren for improving my world.
– Amy P.
Everything was explained to me in a simple, easy to understand way. He made me feel comfortable about the entire experience. My vision is now 20/12.5! I would highly recommend Ophthalmology Associates to ANYONE who is considering LASIK. Thank you Dr. Warren! THIS WAS THE BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE!
– Chris F.
I was blind and now I can see! Thanks for everything!
– Alex F.
Because of Dr. Warren and his expertise, I can now enjoy playing sports without wearing glasses. Simply Amazing! Thank you Dr. Warren and staff for your professionalism and outstanding care. I would highly recommend Dr. Warren to anyone considering the LASIK procedure.
– Dan P.
LASIK was a wonderful life-changing experience for me! The entire staff was friendly and accommodating. I have a whole new set of eyes!
– Kara P.
Dr. Warren and his entire team are fabulous and so friendly. I see better than I could ever imagine. I recommend this to all of my family, friends, and strangers.
– Stacy F.
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