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Meet our Cataract Patients

Thank you all. I love it and I can see y’all are the best if I had to do it again and go back with you all. My vision is perfect I do not have to wear glasses either!
a very satisfied Dr. Han patient
My visit was wonderful with Dr. Nair.  He took the time to explain everything to me about my problem and my surgery. Thank you, Dr.Nair, and your staff.
– S. J.
After having really excellent vision from my youth thru about age forty, I have gone thru reading glasses, bifocals and no line bifocal and my vision seemed to just keep getting worse, and then I needed cataract surgery. Now at age sixty-six years, I feel as if I am twenty years old again, vision-wise. From near to far, I can see sharply again with the crystalens implants and no cataracts. The whole procedure has been a great experience for me and I hope others can benefit also.
– Billy B.
I can’t believe my vision! Before my surgery, I needed glasses for distance and near. Now I see to drive and read without my glasses! Life is great thanks to Dr. Warren!
Vina H.
The results of my Restore Implants have been fantastic. I don’t need glasses or contacts for any of my vision needs. It’s a great feeling and I’m sure much safer for everyone on the road. The process was easy and I had no discomfort at all.
– Ramon P.
My decision to have Crystalens implant surgery has to rank as one of the best decisions I have ever made – and the decision to have Dr. Warren perform this is a major part of that, having researched and interviewed numerous other ophthalmologists before making my choice. I had a progressive case of cataracts post-heart transplant which I thought might be irreversible. After Crystalens implant, my eyesight is 20/20 or better. The total experience has been delightful, especially the interaction with the staff. Every aspect of my Crystalens experience has been professional and pleasurable. I recommend Dr. Warren and his staff for the best in ophthalmological care.
– Morris N.
Prior to this surgery, I hated going to the eye doctor! I had severe astigmatism for years, which meant I had a difficult time getting a pair of lenses that would give me good vision. If my prescription wasn’t made to exact specifications, which it never was, my vision suffered. Therefore, I lived in a world of blurry vision; squinting at the TV, taking small magnifying devices with me to restaurants so I could read the menus, and getting headaches when reading a book. When my eye doctor said it was time to have cataract surgery, he referred me to Dr. David Hendricks. Dr. Hendricks said with my degree of astigmatism, I was a perfect candidate for the Toric lens. I cannot describe what the awesome gift of sight the Toric lens has given me. Colors are so much more vivid, I can now see street signs and menus! I went from a 4 degree astigmatism to almost a 0 degree astigmatism! Because of the Toric lens, I will never again hate going to the eye doctor! Sight is an amazing gift! Thank you Dr. Hendricks for giving me and other sight-challenged people the gift of sight through the Toric lens!
-Very Happy Patient of Dr. Hendricks
I was a little hesitant at first about having to pay the additional money for the Toric Lens but decided to go on ahead and have it done. I just want to say that I am delighted with the results. I now have 20/20 vision in my right eye and I am thrilled!
– Jeri W.
Like a lot of people, I use the computer at work all day. Since my lens implant, my vision has improved tremendously! I no longer have to wear glasses or ask my husband to read the small print when following a recipe at home. I love them!
– Nicky B.
To Dr. Robert E. Warren, his staff, and the staff at Plaza Day Surgery for making my cataract surgery a resounding success. The world is a beautiful place and, thanks to you, I can now see it clearly!
– Cynthia W.
Before the Toric Lens was implanted, I had to wear contacts or glasses to read the newspaper, books or music, now, I am free of those aids. The fee is a small price to pay for what seems to me, perfect vision.
– Frances B.
Just to let you know that my eye procedure to remove cataracts and place lenses in to eliminate my wearing of glasses full time was great. Everyone was great to me. I recommend it to anyone who needs it.
– Richard S.
I found Ophthalmology Associates very easy to work with from scheduling a timely appointment, to diagnosis, cataract surgery scheduling and financing, to the follow up exam. Thank you Dr. Margo for restoring the clarity and perfection of my vision. I highly recommend this group.
– Rick Y.
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