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Dr. Davis and Dr. Iyer
Dr. Davis and Dr. Iyer

Dr. Mayli Davis specializes in Oculoplastics and Orbital Surgery. Dr. Davis’ specialty is upper eyelid lifts, lower eyelid fat pocket removal, lower eyelid fat re-positioning, brow lifts, and eyelid reconstructions. She also offers treatment to adults and children for numerous eyelid problems ranging from cosmetic concerns to reconstructions for skin cancer, ptosis, dry eyes, tears duct problems, Graves’ eye disease (thyroid), orbital fractures and orbital tumors.

Dr. Sandy Iyer joined Ophthalmology Associates after a decade as a teaching professor. She taught doctors to be doctors! Her field of expertise is Cornea and External Diseases and Cataracts. She has traveled, taught, and practiced worldwide and brings a unique perspective to ophthalmology due to her extensive training and experiences in different continents and healthcare economies.

Both doctors are currently taking Medicare and soon will be enrolled in all health plans currently contracted with Ophthalmology Associates
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